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..."Donations are the notes on the page that keep our songs playing… without them the music will fade away”

All donations are welcome. No matter how small…. All donations are fully tax deductible through our Fiscal Sponsor, *

Help Arrange a Benefit Show

"…All music performances need an Arranger and Conductor for success"

Ultimately our music will not only create smiles, but will also lead the way to our success as an organization. Any ideas or referrals to help us coordinate Benefit/Fundraising shows will be welcome. These shows will help us with our initial fund raising efforts and branding while helping to create smiles for the children and families that attend.

Pro Bono Support

...”Your Expertise will help create a great Crescendo!

IIf you have any expertise in or referrals to the following areas we would certainly appreciate the assistance. Legal Photography/Videography Fundraising; Social MediaWeb Development


..."All music needs a great orchestra that work as a team to create a Symphony"

Technology can only go so far… It is the people that make an organization a success. Initially we will need administrative assistance to help coordinate our fundraising efforts. Once operational we will need Smile Assistants that can accompany our musical performers to our concerts and act as “Songs for Smiles” liaison in the Hospitals, with the children and help document the shows for our ongoing blogs.


…“Networking is like a great song that continues to play forever”

Using the “People Power” of networking… you can help us spread the message of Songs for Smiles to achieve all of our goals… …with your referrals we have the ability to grow exponentially and continue to perpetuate the dream.


"…In the end, every song needs a musician to bring it to life!"

As we build our pool of musicians to fulfill this dream, recommendations built from our supporters are a big plus!

The Children

“… The reason we exist!”

If you know of any facilities, organizations or children that could benefit from our Concerts, please let us know and we will be in touch to try to make it happen.

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